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Ensure 100% indoor air quality with our end-to-end Allergy Proofing services and solutions

Gain the benefit of a forward defense mechanism in our war against allergens within homes, office space, hotels, restaurants, other commercial spaces, and hospitals.

Service List

Pure Homes

Pure Office Spaces

Pure Commercial Spaces

Pure Hospitals

This Is What We Do

We allergy proof your indoor spaces with the same technology used in hospital operation theaters!

Step 1
Assess the indoor space: walk through + air quality testing
Step 2
Provide the ideal solution, an estimate of work required, and a quote
Step 3
Decontaminate every room or workspace from ceiling to flooring, from curtains to carpets, and from air-conditioners to furniture: surface treatment + air purification
Step 4
Implement allergy-free internal air spaces by focusing on primary allergens such as dust, dust mite, pet dander, pollen, mold, unpleasant odor, bacteria, and other common sources
Step 5
Re-assess air quality after allergy proofing and submission of report to the client
Step 6
Provide a selection of allergy prevention solutions to choose from:
  • Germicidal lamps
  • UV lights
  • Air ionizer
  • Air filter
  • Carbon filters
  • Surface shields
  • Dust mite–resistant covers


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