It's said that the way to one's heart is through the stomach.

But in a home, the kitchen is certainly at the heart of the home. The place where the yummiest food gets made and the best of relationships get nurtured.

But if not cared for, the kitchen can be a source of allergies, especially from insects, mold, and dust. But a few careful steps will certainly keep them away from the kitchen.

Let's take a tour of the kitchen to take stock of the zones that require remedial measures:


1. Stove: Remember to clean the stove after cooking any meal to make sure that all food debris is cleared on time.


2. Chimney: Dust and oil from all the deep frying create a sticky film on the chimney plates, trapping the smoke rising from the stove. Schedule a once-a-fortnight chimney cleaning to clear the films of dust.


3. Sink: Food debris stuck in the strainer after washing the vessels is a primary source of cockroaches and lizards. The tiles around the sink area are prone to mold growth. So ensure that the sink is cleaned dry and all debris removed after all the dishes are washed.


4. Floor: Corners of floors are prone to dust and mold accumulation, while food debris that falls on the floor attracts cockroaches. Hence ensure that the kitchen is swept clean - including all corners - after every meal, especially at the end of the day.


5. Walls: Mold on the walls and a sticky mixture of oil and dust, along with the food debris collected when food accidentally splashes on the walls, needs to be removed before you end your day. Hence, clean the walls as often as possible and use smooth tiles so the grime does not stick to the walls.


6. Refrigerator: The main worry from the refrigerator is the food debris that accidentally falls under the refrigerator and food stored for an excessive period of time decomposes that result in molds. Hence track the expiry date of the items you store in the refrigerator and schedule regular cleaning routines every fortnight.


7. Cabinets: Dust collects easily in cabinets. Hence, ensure that these are cleaned at least once a month, especially the corners.


8. Garbage: Open garbage bins attract insects and cause malodor - both these elements cause damage. Hence clear the garbage before going to sleep and always keep the bin closed. Disinfect the bin regularly.


9. Cleaning agents: Many cleaning agents used for sanitizing the kitchen release volatile organic chemicals that have varied influences on different people; hence, preferably use natural agents like lemon and baking soda for cleansing.


10. Windows: The stream of natural light coming in from windows is great; however, windows also attract pollens. Hence take care to use nets and clean the window grills and windowpanes regularly.


11. Kitchen top: Keep the kitchen top free from excessive equipment and vessels. Avoid clutter and clean food debris immediately. Keep kitchen tops clear to avoid dust, mold, and insects.

Most parts of the kitchen are prone to dust, insects, and mold. aA lot of care and diligence will definitely be of great help in eliminating them effectively.

But there are other solutions that will reduce the excessive amount of effort required to keep the kitchen healthy - from monitoring the space for allergens to removing them and preventing their recurrence - these solutions are truly comprehensive.

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