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About us


Introducing AllergyProofing.com

AllergyProofing.com is an organization dedicated to allergy care prevention by providing the entire gamut of allergy management and avoidance services. AllergyProofing.com aims at controlling allergen exposure in indoor spaces and improving the quality of life of people suffering from allergic conditions.

Our team of experts consist of allergy specialists, engineers, business leaders, doctors and social entrepreneurs on a mission to win the battle against allergy. The purpose of AllergyProofing.com is to:

  • Create awareness among people regarding allergy
  • Provide a unique allergy testing methodology
  • Enable patients to find the best allergy specialists based on ratings
  • Provide and enable immediate solutions for allergy-related problems
  • Provide merchandise that will help prevent allergens from your living space

Thus AllergyProofing.com successfully attacks allergies with a 360-degree approach and 100% focus on annihilating allergens from indoor spaces.

All about AllergyProofing.com

The Inspiration behind AllergyProofing.com

Allergy is fast-becoming one of the most perilous health conditions across the world.

Worldwide allergy statistics is extremely concerning

  • Over 2 million deaths reported globally as a result of indoor pollution
  • About 20-30% of the world´s population suffering from allergic disorders
  • Millions of Indians are allergic to airborne allergens
  • 10 crore Indians are affected by asthma

What we lack is a concerted effort that will destroy allergy from all directions - from control to prevention.

This thought is the inspiration behind Allergy Proofing - a unique initiative connecting every aspect of fighting this dreaded silent health hazard.